This is my home page - nothing special - just a place to show the world that software guys can also do hardware. As you can see in my Hardware section, I've been cutting up lots of plywood and building speaker cabinets for my band.


My Truck

Hello and welcome to Mike's World. This is my collection of hobbies and work related artifacts that I have collected over the years. Here you will find items ranging from my new bass guitar rig to how to set up security domains in Weblogic server. Bizarre I know but you can always hit the back button on your browser at any time. I used to play in a bar band occasionally on the weekends and more recently played in an modern country band called Miles From Home where you can find some videos here. Also, here is a link to my old site that with lots of stuff from my days living in Iowa.



Software escapades go here;



Some Youtube Video;

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